Shift What You Do From Inside Out

Do you want to be supported in becoming less reactive and more emotionally wise?



Having the freedom to not be tossed around in the sea of adversity – Emotional Wisdom Training with Open Alignment will become vital to your growth and continued success.

Do you want more time?
Are you always late and not able to complete tasks?
Tired of the fast pace?

Do you feel scattered unable to focus? Pressure in your head? Running around with monkey mind?
Feel like you’re losing connection with your loved ones?
Want more love in your life?

Maybe you’re wanting to get your projects off the ground?
Ready to make a bigger impact in your business?
Looking for innovative ideas?

Open Alignment Coaching is effective in assisting you to accept the past,
become aware of the present, awaken to the future and align with your core.

These sessions are offered packages of 10 over the phone

Specializing in:
Working with Time – Core Principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Clarity, Connecting & Creating
Moving Into Your Mission

Making the changes you want to make, in the comfort of your own home

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