Nicole Fortin

“This program is fun and has potential to change your life. The process involves a phone call once a week, where the coach will ask a series of questions to unlock the subconscious mind and shed light on important aspects of life that may not normally be addressed. Having a coach to assist this process and listen to your needs is highly valuable. Without knowing it directly, throughout the 10 weeks, your life will change. Your boundaries, intentions and values will become clear and situations that no longer fit will fall away as you become more aligned to your core. Being in alignment with your self makes you feel centred and in control, and therefore it makes life easier and happier when you know where you stand. If to “know thyself” is important to you, than the Core Alignment program is a step in the right direction.

As a facilitator, Lynne Hilderman has guided me through the process with grace and understanding. She allows me to speak and raises important questions that help further my personal development. Her experience, patience and perspectives have supported my growth and exploration of self. I’m grateful for her time and knowledge, I believe she is a real natural when it comes to helping people feel empowered and safe for self exploration. Lynne, from the depth of my soul, thank you very much!”

Nicole Fortin, Calgary